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If you are a hero and you buy or sell a home through me in the program, in addition to the benefit that goes direct to you, I donate to the Charitable fund.  In 2015, the Homes for Heroes Charitable foundation assisted  over 115 Heroes, mostly disabled veterans. From preventing eviction or foreclosure, to assisting with first and last month's rent, the foundation gave over $100,000.00 last year to help those who serve or have served. We are on track in 2016 to double these numbers. By using our Program, Heroes like you make this assistance possible.  

When you use a Homes for Heroes affiliate for your real estate business, not only do you enjoy significant savings, but you are enabling us operate and manage the Homes for Heroes Foundation. We are proud to say the Charitable foundation has no administrative overhead. No rent salaries are paid. Donations received, go directly back to the hero community in the form of assistance.

The Homes for Heroes foundation is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its mission is to provide or coordinate financial assistance and housing resources to our Nation’s Heroes such as Military personnel, Police/Peace Officers, Firefighter and First Responders who are in dire need and demonstrate neediness. EIN #26-3538794

The Homes for Heroes Foundation, through its growing network of contractors and generous donors, endeavors to provide assistance to those who serve our country and communities every day.