Cut Your Mortgage Insurance

Who doesn't want to cut their mortgage insurance? Here's a great article I found that will help make  the mortgage burden lighter and the wallet in you pocket heavier. Click here to view the full article

Erie Market Report

Check out the latest market report Erie County Real Estate. This report is for 4th quarter and year end 2018. Click here to view the full Market Report

Phone Numbers

Getting ready for the big move can be stressful sometimes when you have to remember all the small details to take care of. I put together some phone numbers of local utility providers and companies that you can't forget to inform about your upcoming move. Click here to view

Nanci's Moving Checklist

Don't forget anything before the big move. This is my moving checklist that I think every family needs. Click here to view

Cut Taxes

Homestead Exemption - Owner occupied homeowners can save on their school taxes with this one-time application (view or print) by March 1
Appeal your Assessment - 
Think your county tax assessment is too high? Apply before August 1 (view or print)
Have Questions? - Contact Nanci here

Free Credit Reports

You are probably aware that Federal law entitles you to a free copy of your credit report. Click here to check out these tips to get your Free Credit Report.

Investment Real Estate

Rental homes can be a natural alternative investment.s. Click here to read about an alternative investment 

Erie County Housing Resource Directory

The Erie County Housing Resource Directory is available to help Erie County residents find programs that can assist with home buying or making physical improvements to their homes. Click here to check out their website.